Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pick what meals I will receive?

A: Yes, customized ordering for each day becomes available weekly. 


Q: I require a meal plan that is Gluten Free, designed around certain allergies, or one that contains extra protein, can you cater to me? 

A: Absolutely. At this time please contact us using FB Messenger, Email, or in the order notes section at checkout with your special request. A simpler approach to accommodating you is in the works. Choosing extra protein will be available as an option on each meal. 


Q: Can my Friend/Sister/Minion pick up my meal for me? 

A: Absolutely! Just give us a heads up. 


Q: I'm in Fredericton and would love to try this, will this become available there?

A: While we do not have an exact timeline on when pickup will be available in Fredericton, it is in the works! 


Q: What about all of these plastic containers, are there any environmental concerns?

A: The containers are fully recyclable, some of our customers even find other uses for them after eating their meals and take the recycling into their own hands! 


Q. Is there a minimum order? Can I order just lunches or just suppers?

A: Absolutely not! You can order just one meal if you want to give things a shot, just lunches, or just suppers. Starting April 24, customized ordering will be functional online and you can even pick what you try!